Auidology (Hearing Test)

Audiology Unit of the Türkiye Hospital serves our patient from 08.30 to 16.30 on weekdays and from 08.30 to 12.30 on Saturday.

You can have further information by phone: 0212 314 14 14

Audiology implies "the medical science dealing with and studying the sensation of hearing". Experts serving in this field explore the problems related with hearing.

So, what does the word "hearing" mean?

Hearing is a term used for implying the event of perceiving the acoustic energy as sound.  As it is clear in this definition, sound and hearing are the main subjects of the health of ear, our hearing organ.

Audiology Unit of the Türkiye Hospital is serving under our Otorhinolaryngology Unit.  A team of physicians and experts are serving our patients using modern devices at the unit.

What we do?
Ordered for examining hearing functions of human ear, all analyses are classified under the title of audiometry. "Audiometry" is defined as a “psychophysical intervention”, which is applied for measuring the ability of hearing by monitoring responses of the patient to auditory stimuli.

The processes under this definition are carried out by audiometricians in the Audiometry Laboratory.

Audiometric examination is required to provide correct solutions for hearing problems.  Hearing loss is determined with audiometric and tympanographic devices in a silent cabin. Type and degree of hearing loss are determined by experts, who also collect necessary data for planning diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Elimination of hearing loss may require the use of hearing aid devices. External acoustic canal is molded and type of hearing aid device is determined in the light of examination. Setting and repair of hearing aid devices are also within scope of such efforts.

All services offered by the Audiology unit are supported by state-of-the-art equipment of the Türkiye Hospital.