Check - Up Programs

Checkup enables to maintain health and detect problems much earlier in their development.With highy experienced physicians,and advanced medical equipment,we are capable of monitoring one's health and promoting life-quality.We have designed several checkup programs which are tailored for different gender,age groups and problems.For instance prostate cancer investigation is crucial in men over 40 whereas uterus cancer gains importance in women over 50 .An annual checkup is recommended by experts for individuals over age of 40.According to the results of checkup ,you will be advised by our medical staff on how to change your lifestyle and take preventive measures to ensure a better and healthier future.
Checkup Programs we offer,
General Checkup; consist of internal diseases examination, 17 blood tests, total abdominal ultrasonography, chest x ray, ECG(electrocardiogram),
Detailed Checkup; four different physician examinations (internal, ophtalmologic, otorhinolaringologic, urologic examination for men, gynelogical examination for women, 40 lab tests including rheumatologic, hormone and liver tests, chest x -ray, total abdominal ultasonography, ECG, vaginal smear for women
Cardiologic Checkup; cardiologic examination, laboratory tests, treadmill exercise test, echocardiography and telecardiography
Children Checkup; paediatric examination, laboratory tests, chest x-ray, ophtalmologic examination, dental examination
Menopause Checkup; internal, gynecologic, physical therapy and dental examinations, chest x-ray, total abdominal ultrasonography, laboratory tests, bone densitometry, mammography and breast ultrasonography)
Our hostess will escort you during all the examination and investigations. Your analysis will be completed within the same day.