The Laboratory Unit of the Türkiye Hospital is serving round the clock to fulfill orders of inpatient and outpatient clinics.

You can have further information by phone: 0212 314 14 14

"Early diagnosis" is of vital importance in treatment of many disorders. This necessity is met by using modern technology. The Laboratory Unit of the Turkiye Hospital plays an efficient role in making early and correct diagnosis, since state-of-the-art equipment is used in the unit.

Any and all examinations are made on blood, urine, feces and body fluid specimens in the Laboratory unit.

What we do?
The Laboratory Unit of the Turkiye Hospital does analyses in collaboration with various divisions.

Blood, urine and other body fluids are analyzed. Analyses ordered by a particular physician or unit are done within possible shortest time, and results are reported. The correct diagnosis of many diseases can be made in the light of biochemistry data.

Bacteriological analyses are done on various food and fluid samples. It is possible to assesses toxicology and infectious disease cases within shortest time possible.  Various culture and antibiogram tests are conducted.

Pregnancy tests, blood group identifications, complete blood count, urine analysis and stool analyses are done within shortest time possible. If the analysis will be used to direct diagnosis and/or treatment of the patient, the analysis report is delivered to the unit, which ordered the analysis, within one-hour time.

Various body hormones are analyzed. Correct diagnosis is made and correct treatment is started, considering influences of hormone balance on the health of the patient.

Laboratory and health
More than a century had elapsed, after the laboratory had become an inevitable part of healthcare service. At baseline, only experiments were carried out with animals, in order to investigate effects of some active substance of human health. However, starting at the end of 19th century, human body materials were analyzed and results were used to make diagnosis of diseases. Thus, the laboratory services started playing an efficient role in identifying diseases.

Being an inevitable part of the medicine, the laboratory services had evolved along 20th century and it had enjoyed intensive technological support starting with last quarter of the century. Depending on the technological developments, significant advances were witnessed in this field, which is directly related with the human health.

Recently, many vitally important analyses and tests can be done within shortest time possible in an automated manner (without any human interface). Thanks to those advances, diagnoses can be made within short time and treatment can be started at early stages.

Laboratory services are regarded as an important of the healthcare services due to the contributions made to the treatment plan.

Our laboratory and technology
Determining such advances worldwide even at development phase, the Turkiye Hospital is among pioneering facilities, which had put into force the robotic laboratory system. The system was updated with more recent versions over the time and thus, the hospital is adapted to the technological advances.

Recently, the Türkiye Hospital has a modern laboratory, where advanced technology is used.

Our laboratory performs all biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, serology, oncology, immunology, genetic, allergy and hormone analyses and tests rapidly and safely using automated robotic devices.

The laboratory services are provided round the clock by and under supervision of experienced staff.