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Dermatology unit provides all high standart medical and surgical treatment options.Cosmetic skin problems are solved with all up to date techniques including chemical peeling, soft tissue augmentation mesolift and mesotherapy.Moreover,botox application which requires specific knowledge and expertise is available in the unit.
Botox and Aesthetics
Botox is successfully used in removal of wrinkles and excessive sweating problems without any surgical intervention.It is particularly helpful in wrinkles in the upper part of the face,forehead and eyes.As an effective procedure botox blockades the neuromuscular transmission and the skin gains a tight appearance.
Peeling is a useful method in treatment of sunspots,wrinkles,acnes which lessens self-esteem.Peeling renews the injured skin cells and builds fresh skin layer looking bright and vital.It also moistens the skin and enhances smoothness.
Mesotherapy is a method of applying tissue rejuvenating substances into the mesodermal tissue by special injections for cure of celluitis, local weakenings,alopecia and strictures.
Iin 4 to 6 sessions the orange look appearance gives way to a new fresh appearance and in 10 sessions cellulitis is totally cured.
Mesolift,which is successfully performed in the unit is another treatment modality for aging skin .By this procedure natural compounds and vitamins are applied into the skin by ultra-thin injectors. 6 sessions suffice for an effective result by this painless application.