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Paediatric Diseases

Paediatric unit deals with all kinds of childhoood dieseases .The services include newborn intensive care,paediatric surgery,psychiatry and psychology,allergy and vaccination.
A special emphasis is given to preventive medicine .For this purpose vaccination programs are meticulously carried out.Mother care and breast feeding education is given by our staff..
24- hour- care is available in the following sections.
Emergeny unit;24 hour service is available for all emergency cases
Newborn Clinic; newborn followup and treatment including I.Q tests.
Newborn Intensive Care Unit; prematures and risky newborns are treated in this unit which possesses phototherapy and blood exchange options.
Vaccination;All kinds of vaccinations can be applied in a preventive fashion.
Allergy and allergic vaccination;asthma,urticaria,allergic rhinitis,nutritional allergies carry risk for future health of children.All tests and vaccination treatment are available for prevention.