Kid’s Room Can Be Mischievous

Child health and diseases specialist Associate Professor Öznur Küçük M.D. from Turkiye Hospital said that dusty rooms that are not cleaned regularly can make children sick. If the parents also have allergies, the rate of allergy in the child reaches 70 percent. In this case, the arrangement of the room and the house, together with the doctor's control, becomes very important for the child to relax and to reduce their complaints.

Küçük “Allergy complaints, rashes, persistent coughs and sneezes, insomnia, which have increased in children in recent years, may be caused by not cleaning the room, especially the bed, well. House dust mites, can pass to the child through respiratory and skin routes and increase allergic complaints. In order to minimize these, sweeping the room regularly with vacuum cleaners, which have high draft days and trap dust and house dust mites in the water, can reduce the complaints. “Normal vacuum cleaners pick up the dust and give it back to the house. In this sense, it is important to choose vacuum cleaners with water system, hepa filter and high traction power. You can also use products that both clean the air and provide moisture balance at home. The healthier the children breathe, the less allergy complaints will be.” he said.

Allergy Reduces School Success…

Küçük “ Allergy complaints prevent children from sleeping soundly at night. The fact that products such as sheets, duvets and pillows are made of cotton, and the room is simply furnished and furnished less if possible, contributes to night sleep. In addition, it is important that the bed is clean and the humidity of the environment is between 40-60%. When children go to sleep uninterrupted at night, growth hormone is released. The child who wakes up frequently and has a stuffy nose throughout the night is restless through the day. They do not want to go to school in the morning, thy may be unproductive and reluctant in lessons, they may be irritable and sleepless during the day. If your kid has these symptoms, be sure to inform the doctor following your child.” said.

Vacuum The Bed Too…

Although our habits are only for vacuuming carpets or armchairs, it is very important to vacuum beds and blankets with deep-beating brooms, especially for children who are allergic to house dust mites. 10 million mites (house dust mite) can live in a bed that has been used for 5 years. There are 19 thousand mites, 500 of which are live, in 1 gram of house dust.

Associate Professor Öznur Küçük M.D.

Turkiye Hospital