Unique Color and Taste: Blueberry

Blueberry, appreciated for its color and taste, has recently increased its popularity. This plant belongs to the heather family and is a very branched species. It produces small and delicious fruits. Blueberries, which are compatible with the climatic conditions of our country, generally grow wild in high-altitude areas in the Eastern Black Sea region. Still, it has been observed that it can quickly grow in almost every part in recent years.

Blueberry, which appeals to the eyes and palate, is red and dark purple. It has an average diameter of 2-4 cm.

How to Consume Blueberries?

As with any fruit, consuming blueberries fresh in season is very beneficial. Consuming blueberries fresh leaves a sweet and delicious taste on the palate. However, there is no harm in consuming blueberries in the long term by drying them, making jam or marmalade, apart from consuming them fresh. This fruit, which leaves a pleasant impression with its aroma and smell, is also among the frequently preferred consumption methods.

How Many Blueberries Should Be Consumed?

Blueberry is not a fruit that is generally harmful when consumed regularly and in moderation. However, fresh blueberries can cause intestinal problems if consumed more than enough. A handful or a cup a day will be enough to consume blueberries in a controlled way.

While consuming blueberries have a blood-thinning effect, women in their menstrual period and those undergoing surgical operations should not destroy it. If you have allergies, regular medications, or chronic diseases, it would be better to determine the amount of consumption or not to consume it by agreeing with your doctor.


What Does Blueberry Contain in it?

Blueberries contain a large number of vitamins and minerals in them. The most important of these are;

  1. Thanks to their high antioxidant content, blueberries help prevent cancer by minimizing the effect of free radicals that damage cells in the body.
  2. Blueberries are the friend of the heart. Thanks to the high folate and potassium it contains, it prevents blood clotting and regulates blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the critical risk factors that tire the heart.
  3. Blueberries have anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, it acts against obesity and metabolic problems that cause edema. Thus, it provides measures against chronic diseases such as high blood pressure. 
  4. Blueberries support stomach and intestinal health thanks to their high fiber content. In addition, it helps regulate the level of acid in the stomach.
  5.  Blueberries are as skin-friendly as they are heart-friendly. Thanks to the vitamin C and antioxidants it contains, blueberries help regulate the fat ratio of the skin, reducing wrinkles and making your skin look younger, bright, and vibrant.
  6. Many studies have proven that consuming blueberries is vital in recurrent urinary tract infections (cystitis). What should be remembered here is that blueberries do not ultimately suffer from cystitis but are only a supportive treatment option. Therefore, when you experience cystitis or other urinary tract infections, you should consult your doctor and determine a treatment plan.
  7. Blueberries play an essential role in brain development and memory. Because of this, it can lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's.
  8. Red fruits are generally very useful in oral and dental health problems. Blueberries are one of them. For example, blueberries have therapeutic properties on canker sores, gum sores, and cold sores in the mouth.


Recipes for Flavors Made with Blueberries

Blueberry Cake

Blueberries, which give presentations a great aroma with both their sour and sweetness, can be a low-calorie and healthy option, but this recipe is witha little bit calories.

You can follow the steps below for this feast of flavors;

  • three eggs
  • 1.5 cups granulated sugar
  • 4-5 tablespoons flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 cup oil
  • two packets of baking soda
  • one packet of vanilla
  • 1 cup nuts
  • 1 cup dried blueberries
  • For the above, Powdered Sugar



  • Beat the egg well with the sugar.
  • Add the oil and milk.
  • Add the nuts.
  • Add the flour, baking soda, and vanilla.
  • After beating well, pour it into the cake mold.
  • Bake in a preheated 180-degree oven for 45 minutes. You can adjust the cooking time and temperature according to your oven.

After cooking, you can serve it with powdered sugar if you wish.

Bon appetit smiley


Forest Fruit Yogurt Bar Flavor

Dessert, a food that is not the primary need of our body and is only wanted to be consumed, supports the secretion of serotonin and endorphins, and thus the person feels happy. When foods such as chocolate, which contain a high percentage of fat, are consumed excessively, they do not lose time in inviting many diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Here's a recipe for getting through sweet cravings healthily;


• 250 g of yogurt

• five tablespoons of honey

• 1/2 cup blueberries, black mulberry, blackberries, strawberries, etc.

• four tablespoons of oats

• two tablespoons of pistachios

• Fruit slices

Take the yogurt in a bowl, mix it with honey and pour it on the tray where you lay baking paper. Next, add oats and pistachios from the desired fruit varieties. Leave in the freezer for at least 5 hours. When it reaches the desired consistency, cut it with the help of a knife. Bon appetit!


Blueberry Granola from the List of Healthy Snacks

Granola, which has recently been included in breakfasts or snacks, appeals to both eyes and stomachs. Granola, which has recently been included in breakfasts or snacks, appeals to eyes and tummies. Granola has wide varieties according to the taste of people.

Let's take a look at the blueberry granola recipe that both satisfies your stomach and meets your vitamin needs;


  • Half a cup of blueberries
  • Nuts/walnuts/almonds as well as palms (you can use them all by paying attention to their proportions.)
  • one teaspoon of honey
  • one teaspoon of molasses
  • 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • one teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • two tablespoons of raisins
  • 3 cups oatmeal
  • If you wish, you can add applesauce.



Blend all the ingredients in a deep bowl.

Pour the mixture by laying oiled paper on the baking sheet. You can shape it yourself or spread it directly on smooth paper. Bake in a preheated oven at 175 degrees until golden brown. You can store it in an airtight storage container.

How Can Granola Be Consumed?

If you wish, you can consume it directly as a snack. However, if you want it to be more satisfying, you can blend it with milk or yogurt in a bowl. When combined with milk or yogurt, you can also add fresh fruits.

It Stimulates Appetite with Its Color and Saturates the Abdomen with Its Content: Blueberry Smoothie

You can adjust some of the proportions included in the recipe according to your preferences. For example, if you like a more tart taste, you can make it without honey, or if you like it sweeter, you can increase the ratio of honey or banana.


  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 cup of yogurt
  • Half a cup of blueberries
  • Half a banana
  • one tablespoon of oats
  • one teaspoon of honey


Please take all the ingredients in the blender bowl and pass them through the blender. The consistency must be smooth.

You can add ice according to your preference, hot or cold.

And your blueberry smoothie recipe is ready. Bon appetit! smiley