Does the International Services Center Charge Patients for it’s Services?
Based on your information, we provide you with a cost estimate with details of our medical facilities & physicians. During your treatment and stay, we provide a complete package of support at no extra charge.

Will there be language problems?
The International Patient Services Department ensures that there will be an interpreter and translator speaking your language, throughout your treatment, free of charge. Most of our doctors and surgeons are fluent English-speakers.

Who will be dealing with details of my case during my trip?
The International Services Center will take care of all details relating to your visit, your safe return and recovery.

Will I need any travel documents?
Please check with us and we will advise you on the procedures and documentation that apply for your country. Many citizens from abroad simply obtain a visa at the airport of arrival in Turkey. We can also help you with visa extensions if required.

What about treatment quality?
The doctors and specialists at Turkiye Hospital who will be caring for you have been trained at some of the leading facilities in the US and Europe. Turkiye Hospital has full JCI accreditation (regarded as the Gold Standard of quality accreditation worldwide) strategic partnerships and affiliations with leading health institutions in the US and Europe, ISO certification, and operates a process of continuous quality control and improvement.

Can I know the doctors’ credentials?
Yes, we provide you the doctor’s professional credentials and CV

If I’m taking family member(s), when can they travel?
Family members or companions can travel with you: the team at the International
Services Center is at the service of families and accompanying guests as well as patients.

Where Do I Stay?
Leave it to us. Choosing accommodation suitable to your budget and close to the hospital can be confusing without local knowledge. We also have favored rates at many hotels that we pass on to our clients. We work with you to make sure you are confirmed in an accommodation of your liking.

How do I get to the hospital?
We arrange all transport from your airport of arrival to your hotel and to Turkiye Hospital, and return transport.

Does the International Services Center arrange for local tours or sightseeing trips in Turkey?
Yes. We can make arrangements for you and / or any accompanying people.

What happens if I need follow-up?
Follow-up, if needed, can be done by a doctor of your liking in your home country. We can coordinate with your doctor to ensure this goes smoothly. Our team works with patients to locate and arrange follow-up checks and treatment at the most appropriate medical centers in their home locations.