World-Class Healthcare with AACI Accreditation

Türkiye Hospital received the American Accreditation Commission International (AACI) accreditation, which provides a framework for healthcare organisations to assess and improve their performance, enabling them to meet internationally recognised quality standards.

Türkiye Hospital went through a comprehensive assessment process to receive AACI accreditation. During this process, the hospital management and medical staff managed to fulfil all the necessary standards to provide safer and higher quality services to its patients. The accreditation proved that the hospital meets internationally recognised criteria in areas such as patient safety, quality of treatment, staff training and continuous improvement of healthcare services.

What is AACI?

Headquartered in the USA, AACI is a leading organisation for healthcare accreditation and recognition of clinical excellence. AACI provides certification in many types of healthcare services such as hospitals, primary healthcare, dentistry, outpatient services and physiotherapy. Started in 2014, this process is also recognised and supported by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua). AACI accreditation, to which only around 10 health institutions in Turkey are entitled, shows that a hospital meets and continuously improves not only national but also international health standards.

As an internationally recognised document, the AACI Quality Certificate is an important reference point for healthcare providers. There are many advantages of having this certificate in Turkey:

  • International Recognition: AACI Quality Certificate is an internationally recognised and respected document. A hospital with this certificate has a great advantage in terms of attracting international patients and health tourism.
  • High Quality Standards: The AACI Quality Certificate demonstrates the organisation's compliance with high quality standards. This provides assurance of patient safety, efficiency and quality of health services.
  • Prestige and Trust: This document emphasises the hospital's quality-oriented work and the importance it attaches to patient satisfaction. Thus, patients feel more secure by preferring hospitals with this certificate.

Organisations holding AACI Quality Certificate usually stand out in terms of international recognition and prestige. Hospitals with this certificate can increase the flow of international patients, provide evidence that they offer quality healthcare services and find more open doors for international co-operation.

This document also emphasises the importance of continuous improvement and quality control processes within the hospital. These processes ensure that healthcare services are continuously improved and remain at the highest standards.

The AACI Certificate not only certifies quality for a hospital, but also increases their competitiveness internationally and strengthens the reputation of the organisation. This helps them gain the trust of both patients and health sector stakeholders.

AACI Accreditation Advantages

  • Better Service and Process Quality
  • Good governance
  • Increased international recognition
  • Better patient orientation
  • Better employee morale and motivation


AACI Accreditation Benefits

  • Official recognition of organisations providing good services
  • Creating a mechanism to evaluate the organisation
  • Ensuring that employees are proud of the organisation they work for
  • Ensuring the documentation of business policies

Investing in the Future

Türkiye Hospital sees AACI accreditation not only as an achievement but also as an important step in its journey of continuous development and improvement. By experiencing the safety and quality of being treated in an accredited institution, patients will have the chance to benefit from healthcare services at the highest level.